I am a Brazilian professional dancer, instructor and choreographer trained in Raqs Sharqi and Fusion Bellydance. I moved to Denmark two years ago and I teach both styles in Copenhagen and Roskilde. I am fully dedicated my life teaching, performing and studying Raqs Sharqi and Fusion Bellydance. In the past I have the opportunity to learn from Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes and Sara Lyn. 

Recently I have completed the advanced training course in Fusion Bellydance offered by Joline Andrade. I am currently polishing my advanced technique in Raqs Sharqi as well as cultural studies with the great mentor Soraia Zaied, from who I have learned the Egyptian style and it's nuances. 

I am aways looking to update my knowledge as a professional to keep offering the best for my students and audience.  In my classes, I encourage my students to use their creativity to develop their style and express their uniqueness while seeking to improve their technique.

What is Oriental Fusion? 

Oriental Fusion is a M.E.N.A.H.T. (Middle East, North Africa, Hellas and Turkey) and North India inspired fusion dance, where elements from other styles can be incorporated into its repertoire such as contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, hip hop, waving, popping, etc. It is about "dancing outside the box" and moving in ways that align with our bodies and souls. And more than that, it's about honoring the cultures and communities from which we find inspiration for this form of - transnational - art.

Through this dance  you can experience your womanhood  in many different ways. You can express your strength, sensuality, and power, the sacred and profane that surrounds the female archetypes. You are free to be and express yourself in a pure, beautiful and genuine way!