SEASON 2021.2

Hips Don't Lie - Aug | Sep

We are going to have four classes focusing in study deeply hip work technique. I will be teaching how to building strength and flexibility to create sharpness during your hips movements, as well as powerful shimmies and movement fluidity without getting injury. 

Move Like a Snake - Sep | Oct 

Four classes focousing in "Slytherin" movements. We will be exploring undulations, belly roll, body roll, figure 8's, circles and short phrases that can be used to create your own improvisation - and will definitely blow the mind of your audition - I will be sharing short phrases from Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes and short phrases from my own repertoire. These classes will be amazing to explore your creativity and capacity to improvised which are extremely important skills to practice when you are learning oriental fusion as well as oriental dance. 

Raqs - Oct | Nov 

Four classes focusing in Egyptian Bellydance combos. I will be exploring Baladi and Shaabi and the different "feelings" and expressions from each style. I will be sharing with you the knowledge I have been learning from my great mentor Soraia Zaied and also what I had learned with my own experience as a professional dancer.

The classes will be open level, however in the beginning ("Hips don't lie") I am going to focus in the basic technique. With a strong basic technique you are allow to develop challenging movements with confidence as well as body awareness to avoid get injury during your trainings. You also get more autonomy to improvise and bringing your dance to the next level, and I really care about have my students building a polished technique and body awareness to keep developing themselves with autonomy and uniqueness.