SEASON 2022.2

Starting from 14/08

Oriental Fusion (Fusion Bellydance) - SIGN UP

Oriental Fusion is a M.E.N.A.H.T. (Middle East, North Africa, Hellas and Turkey) and North India inspired fusion dance, where elements from other styles can be incorporated into its repertoire such as contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, hip hop, waving, popping, etc. It is about "dancing outside the box" and moving in ways that align with our bodies and souls. And more than that, it's about honoring the cultures and communities from which we find inspiration for this form of - transnational - art. 

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Oriental Dance (Egyptian Bellydance) - SIGN UP

Oriental Dance (Raqs Sharqi) is a performative and classical Egyptian style of  "bellydance" developed during the first half of the 20th century, where western influences such as ballet and latin dance were incorporated to the rural Egyptian styles of dance. However, during the classes the students will be introduced to others Egyptian styles, such as Baladi, Saidi and Shaabi. Through these dance styles you can experience your womanhood in many different ways. You can express your strength, sensuality, and power. You are free to be and express yourself in a pure, beautiful and genuine way. 

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